• Classic Font Bundle - Save 50% - Sweetest Goods
  • Bestselling Fonts in one bundle: Apricosa, Sauvage, Celesse, Astralaga, Brightglow, Chatoyer
  • 16 Free Logo Templates included - Logo Type
  • Award-winning Typeface - Perry Mason HBO show
  • Create free custom logos with the Classic Font Bundle
  • Product Packaging - Design Exploration Logotype
  • Peachy Thoughts And Lazy Days - Apricosa Vintage Font
  • More than 170 Ligatures included
  • Astralga Bold Ligatures - Elegant Typeface
  • Alabaster Beaches Glowing in the Dark - Brightglow Retro Font
  • The Classic Collection - Font Bundle
  • The Classic Collection - Font Bundle
  • The Classic Collection - Font Bundle
  • The Classic Collection - Font Bundle
  • The Classic Collection - Font Bundle

The Classic Collection - Font Bundle

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The Classic Font Bundle includes 6 full font packages of our all time bestselling fonts to a phenomenal price of only $57 $114.00. Including Sauvage, Astralaga Bold, Celesse, Apricosa, Brightglow and Chatoyer. The font styles range from vintage to classic to ornate and art deco inspired. Our typefaces feature Open Type features such as alternate letter forms with decorative swashes and ligatures. The bundle comes with 16 free logo templates - fully customizable.

Including Free Lifetime Updates, Commercial License and Best Price Guarantee

Following products are combined in this bundle:
Chatoyer Price $19
Celesse Price $19
Sauvage Price $19 (Award winning typeface)
Astralaga Bold Price $19
Apricosa Price $19
Brightglow  Price $19

= Total Pack Value $114

      ↪ Apricosa-regular.otf

      ↪ Apricosa-regular.ttf

      ↪ Sauvage-regular.otf

      ↪ Sauvage-regular.ttf

      ↪ Astralaga-bold.otf

      ↪ Astralaga-bold.ttf

      ↪ Chatoyer-regular.otf

      ↪ Chatoyer-regular.ttf

      ↪ Celesse-regular.otf

      ↪ Celesse-regular.ttf

      ↪ Brightglow-regular.otf

      ↪ Brightglow-regular.ttf

      ↪ Apricosa-regular.woff
      ↪ Sauvage-regular.woff
      ↪ Astralaga-bold.woff
      ↪ Chatoyer-regular.woff
      ↪ Celesse-regular.woff
      ↪ Brightglow-regular.woff

      ↪ Apricosa-Logos.eps

      ↪ Apricosa-Logos.ai

      ↪ Apricosa-Logos.psd
      ↪ Sauvage-Logos.eps

      ↪ Sauvage-Logos.ai

      ↪ Sauvage-Logos.psd
      ↪ Astralaga-bold-Logos.eps

      ↪ Astralaga-bold-Logos.ai

      ↪ Astralaga-bold-Logos.psd
      ↪ Celesse-Logos.eps

      ↪ Celesse-Logos.ai

      ↪ Celesse-Logos.psd
      ↪ Brighglow-Logos.eps

      ↪ Brighglow-Logos.ai

      ↪ Brighglow-Logos.psd
      ↪ Chatoyer-Logos.eps

      ↪ Chatoyer-Logos.ai

      ↪ Chatoyer-Logos.psd

      Character Sets (handy PDF showing all included letters)
      Sweetest Goods Font Guide (a practical guide on how to access ligatures by Sweetest Goods)

      After checkout you immediately receive an email with a download link to your personal files.

      Most of the fonts require advanced graphic software that supports Open Type Features like Adobe (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop), Affinity (Photo, Designer, Publisher), Corel Draw or similar software. We can’t guarantee full usability in basic text software like Microsoft Word or similar.

      Read about our license agreement here.
      For any questions please check our FAQ.

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